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18" x 36" / 27" x 54" / 36" x 72"
black & gold with logo

Preferred Logo style with the same colours as the Jackets

Try designing this Pod in Black & Gold Colours to see what it will look like!

Put an insignia of a Song Bird, maybe perched on our Logo on the white part of the wall. his is a Baltimore Oriole

This is a Western Tanager. This will help us distinguishing the Section of The Glamping Pod Villages. Will add a nice little touch. Who doesn’t like birds singing?

Our Sponsorship Programs are designed to pay for all these things.

We need a Graphic Rendering to Illustrate all these thing.

We probably need about 70-100 Acres for these things..

An Amphitheatre – with the Wall/Walk of Fame around it. (both sides)

Lawn Chairs facing Stage. We need a good looking Stage Cover.  I have samples of that.

Black & Gold Colours.  All things should match.

The Glamping Pods, Tent Village, The Skeet Shooting, Tug of War & Corn Hole Tournaments can go in the field,   on the left of the Photo.

The Glamping Units should face the Amphitheatre or a river or lake,  if possible.

A Glamping Village with room for 28 Units per village..

A Field for a Tenting Village (with Portapotties).

Three Field Areas for .. The Corn Hole, Tug of War and Skeet Shooting Tournaments.

Music City manitoba

Would like to have all our tournaments etc. displayed here.

The Entertainment Centre, The Amphitheatre with Wall around it (with sidewalk on each side of wall,) Lawn Chairs facing stage of Amphitheatre,  

A Field for the  Skeet Shooting, Cornhole, & Tug of War Tournaments.  The Glamping Pods should be with in the Tree Line.  

We should also have a field for the Tenting Area, 

music city manitoba
the town's park
We need the Entertainment Centre
(on the race track)

An Amphitheatre Field
( in a Triangle - With the point of the Triangle starting at the the corner of the Entertainment Centre)
with lawn chairs facing stage,
(with a wall around the Amphitheatre with a 12 ft walkway on both sides).

The Glamping Villages in the Tree Line facing the Amphitheatre.

The Tenting Area Field

A Field for the Cornhole , Skeet Shooting , and Tug of War Tournaments.

All water Sports and the Boat Parade should be on Pelican Lake somewhere.