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The great music city manitoba
treasure hunt
Amazing Treasure.
If it is not found in the time period indicated, we will add much more to the Prize Pool, and continue the search at this location, the following year.

START DATE - june 18, 2026

Sponsored in part by NCI – FM

& Prevost Car Company

awaiting confirmation on these sponsors.


Within the perimeter of this beautiful town of St. Laurent, Manitoba  is a  “Treasure Package” that contains the contents of some very excellent treasure… Only one person will know of its’ location.

Because this whole event is based on entertainment & music, It is only fitting that we also include a great incentive for our great musicians. Of course, everyone that has a VIP Sponsorship card can participate, but we want to highlight our appreciation for the work the musicians do for such small rewards. We intend to help them with that, if in fact one of them finds this treasure.


The hunt will run from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm each day of this event, or until it is found.

So, all bands/musicians should get all their friends, fans, family, neighbours, and everyone they know to come help them find this one of a kind treasure.

If it is not found in the time period indicated, we will add many more prizes and continue the search the following year, at this location.

Anyone that is over the age of 18 – 98 can participate in this Treasure Hunt, as long as they have a Music City Manitoba VIP Gold Sponsorship VIP. 

Value is approximately: $2,800,000.00

the treasure

clue # 1

Sample of the clues

On January 28, 1916, it became the first province to allow women to vote in provincial elections. This was two years before Canada as a country granted women the right to vote.[34]

This “Treasure” will be hidden in and around St. Laurent, Manitoba home of the Music City Manitoba Promotional Events for 2026, 2027, 2028 & 2029… on public property.

the rules & Regulations to come. stay tuned!
the treasure

The actual prize pool is subject to change and is directly proportional to the number of entries involved in the Treasure Hunt. 

Estimated Value of this “Treasure” is approximately – $2,800,000.00. 

Once we know the exact cost of the “Bus” we will upgrade this to an exact figure.    

Possible Sponsors of this event. Prevost, MCI, Setra, NCI – FM, 

Fender, Marshall, Gibson, Soulman Guitars, Petro Canada, The Bank(s), The Mint, Ludwig, Yamaha, Shure, Long & McQuade, etc. etc.

All information on the particular Motor Coach will be posted here. As well as all the Musical Instruments & Backline. 

Stay Tuned!

The Motor Coach will also be on display at the Rec Centre & various locations in Manitoba, and all our promotional events.

The bus depicted below is not necessarily the exact bus same bus we will be using in our Great Music City Manitoba Treasure Hunt.