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Cozy, Comfortable, Carefree, & Cheap!

Music City Manitoba

Music City Manitoba's
great glamping pod sponsorship

An absolutely perfect gift for you and your family.

Every one in North America should have one.

The Pod will be named after you.

Receive royalties for every night it is used, when you are not using it.

Potential Income of up to: $39,760.00. ($14.00 / night for up to 2840 nights

Includes yard maintenance, snow removal, taxes & more.

Based on the assumption that one would come out for four weeks per year for 10 years (4 weeks at a time or 4 separate weeks per year). Your choice.

And based on the assumption that the cost per unit is $10,000.00 each.

We are not selling these pods, they are a sponsorship. We are merely offering them to you, to use for next to nothing, for 10 years, and get all the benefits of a sponsorship, and make extra money.

possible layout for our 1st phase of glamping pods

We will have three different types of Glamping Pods for Individual Sponsors to choose from.

It will be based on a 10 year program.

Assuming the cost price is $10,000.00 each. (exact price coming)

/ 120 months = 

$83.33/month or  $2.77/day.

If there are 4 people per Pod that cost is only $20.83/month or $.69/day per person.

You get to use the pod for 28 free days per year.

More information forthcoming.


 10 year Sponsorship. (Renewable thereafter.)



This “Grove Street”  will be named after them.

The Coca Cola Cove  – “It’s The Real Thing” Village”

“The Crown Royal Cove”

“A Prevost Car Company Cove”

“The CUPE Cove”

and so many more…

Use of the “Chalets” for 28 Days per year.

(Staff, Family, Clients etc.)

Company mentions in all Advertising & Promotions

Includes Promotional Ad on the Great Wall/Walk of Canada.

come, relax, and enjoy!

this page is under construction. stay tuned!