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major sponsors


in front & inside




Our exclusive LED Video Screen Supplier

# 5522

We will need up to 36 of these Outdoor screens for the Sponsors and

about 12 for our entertainment of varying sizes throughout the show room.

As well as a number of bigger ones for the Amphitheatre outdoor shows.

The Antenna of Advertising is Consistence, Frequency, & Market Coverage.

We provide all that to you with your Sponsorship, for less than 14 cents per 60 sec commercial.

 You’re the Moost!


If we were able to get MR. SUB for instance, or any outlet like them,  to participate, we would get them to supply to us, at a negotiated price,

* Up to 2000 Special Music City Manitoba “Dinners” (3 choices) per day for 59 days, for the 1st 4 years.

* Up to 2000 Breakfast Buffets for 59 days for the 1st 59 days, for the 1st 4 years.

* Up to 2000 Bus Breakfast Snack & Beverage (Egg Sandwich & a Juice) for 59 days, for the 1st 4 years.

* and up to 312 days per year from year 5 onward for the balance of the 25 years.

* Our motor coaches could depart from a great many of their locations, thus bring in 56 people per bus per departure date, that would not normally come to their place of business.

*We could also have each location as a booking hub, for which we will pay them a commission for every booking they take, on our behalf.

*We would advertise and promote that fact, of course.

*We would also assign to them a 12′ x 8′ LED screen where they can run as many commercials (such as the one above) as they want per day for 15 hours per day.

* They could prepare these “meals” beforehand, and deliver them to Music City Manitoba, to be served between the hours of 10 am – 1 pm, (Breakfast Buffet) & 5:00 – 6:30 pm. (Dinner) Plus, we will provide a 500 seat location & a kitchen in which to do this, or we can have carts in the arena, and they can be handed out right to the tables. (best way)

At this point we only require one capable company to do this food service. We chose MR. SUB as they have always been a favourite of ours, and they have great management & staff and they are Canadian.


This is but an example of what we will do for our sponsors,  but it shows what we are prepared to deliver for having them, as one of our major sponsors. We don’t believe in just mentioning their name occasionally and expecting a big cheque. We want to make sure that each sponsor benefits greatly with this partnership.

By the way, the cost of their sponsorship is far out weighted, by what they will receive. What they receive pays for the cost of this sponsorship, before they pay any significant amount of the cost.

Not to mention the fact, that a sponsorship to any charity or event, is a Tax write off.

This type of offer will be made to all our preferred sponsors and will be designed just for them.

We prefer Canadian Companies , of course, and will do our utmost to reach out to them first.

In our roughly calculated numbers this service alone could mean up to $5,000,000.00 in 4 years, with only a couple hours of work per day. What Canadian company would not want to receive this offer, from “out of the blue”



this sponsorship includes:


Each Major Sponsor will be assigned a 12′ x 8′ Outdoor or Indoor LED Video Screen. (Sponsors choice).

First one that signs up gets the most prime location, and so forth.

These cutting-edge displays deliver vibrant visuals with high resolution, ensuring a captivating viewing experience.

Designed for durability and weather resistance, they are perfect for our concerts, sporting events, tournaments, festivals, and more. 

Elevate your special sponsorship to the next level with Music City Manitoba, where impressive imagery meets rugged reliability.

Reserved for only 36 of the most relevant Sponsors.


Duration: 25 years



$952, 380.00 + GST

          or $38,095.20 + GST per year

          or $3,174.60 + GST per month

          or $105.82 + GST per day.

Each Sponsor can decide the best payment plan for their company/organization.

A 10% Deposit will be required on agreement, for this Sponsorship.

This is an amazing deal for any Sponsor. No matter the size of the company.



Consider this

    You can have 60 second commercials, playing up to 900 times per day, if you want.

    That is 900 commercials per day x 312 Days per year (280,800 commercials per year x 25 years = 7,020,000 in 25 years.

    That is about $.1425 cents per commercial.



Outdoor or Indoor: – your choice.

Strategically placed in the most prominent location in Front of Building and Inside the Building.


These “commercials” will be viewed by up to 118,000 people numerous times, each year in the first 4 years. (Promotional Events)

and by up to 1,560,000 people numerous times each year, for 312 days thereafter, for the balance of the 25 years.


It is the Sponsors responsibility to provide the videos that they want to run. 



As a Bonus – Each one of these Sponsors will also  receive:

1 – 3 Day/2 Night or a 4 Day/3 Night Motor Coach Trip to Music City Manitoba for (56) of your employees, clients, and family, etc. per year. Includes accommodations, meals, and up to 12 – 18 different shows per trip.

7 – Day Glamping Pod Accommodations at Music City Manitoba – St. Laurent for 2 people per year. (When completed))

A Glamping Pod Named after you.

A page in this website.

An Information Kiosk in the building for 10 years. (When completed)


Our Company’s purpose is to bring first class entertainment, on a regular basis, at the lowest possible price, to Manitoba, while providing low cost, accommodations & a consistent transportation program, to all of Canada and the United States. Having as many people as possible visiting Manitoba and offering them amazing entertainment events is at the core of what we want to accomplish, and to provide our most treasured sponsors with over 20 times the value of their costs.


Normally sponsors receive a questionable benefit for sponsoring a charity or event. 

We at Music City Manitoba have a much different approach, as we have sponsored many events, in our time, and know what we got out of it. 

We believe that if you are willing to support us when we are starting out, You deserve to get a piece of the action, so to speak. 

That fact is not lost with us.


So, we have initiated that particular concept, in asking you to support this very worthwhile, one of a kind project.


A unique, Special Bonus has been created for each of those particular Major Sponsors that agree to Sponsor this event. Beyond what is offered above. Sorry, we can only make this available for the first 36 sponsors. We can also do this on a Contra Basis with certain businesses.

Each Major Sponsor that agrees to participate will receive $1.00 for every ticket we sell to Music City Manitoba for first 10 years

Starting on the first week that we start selling our events,  we will send you your share via e-commerce on a weekly or monthly basis.. 

Of course, any services we require that the sponsors can provide, they will have first right of refusal.

In some cases our buses may be able to depart from your location, thereby you will receive a number of clients per day of departures, that you would normally not get.



We begin our first shows on June 18, 2026.





1) In 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 we expect to sell up to 118,000 tickets to each 59 Days Preliminary Event for the 1st 4 years = $472,000.00

2) For the following 6 years (312 days per year) we expect to sell 1,560,000 tickets per year x 6 years = 9,360,000 x $1.00 = $9,360,000.00 

3) Your gross revenue for 10 years will be approximately = $9,832,000.00 + any business you provide for and to us.

4) If you calculate the cost of buying 7,020,000 “commercials” over a period of 25 years, (you get those at no cost), you will understand when we say this is unique and one of a kind

(If you calculate the average cost of these “commercials at $500.00 each, than the value of them would be an astronomical amount of $3,510,000,000.00 in 25 years. 

With at least 1.5 million people seeing them per year for 25 years on multiple occasions. 

We want the businesses that support us to benefit greatly.  You will receive over 20 times your investment.

5) Plus the cost of buying a Sponsorship, is a tax write off.


An estimated requirement we would like one of our Sponsors to provide to us, for a period of 4 years.

We would require up to 2000 Breakfast buffets per day for 59 days for 4 years

We would require up to 2000 “Meals ” per day, with 3 different choices for our clients to chose from for 59 days for 4 years.

We would require 1000 – 2000 ” Morning Bus Snacks” with a juice, per day for 59 days for 4 years.

Sponsorship occurs when a business make a donation toward the the cost of a charity’s activity or event and in return, the charity or event advertises or promotes the business brand, products, or services.

Sponsorship is an advantage and its fair market value is generally deducted from the amount of the donation or receipting purposes.

You might want to consider a sponsorship, which can be used thereafter as a tax write-off. One would have to check with their accountants to get the best way to do that.


sprung building structures

Sprung is the worlds’ fastest way to build high-performance fabric structures for any industry, proven on 12,000 + projects and counting.

Our technology – backed approach avoids supply chain challenges and traditional construction delays.

A Canadian Success Story…

Our Out Door Amphitheatre Stage & Cover may look something like this

For more than a century, the name Sprung has been synonymous with superior, custom-made fabric membrane buildings, all of which are developed using our patented, highly innovative technology. Sprung’s modern, relocatable, clear-span fabric shelters are cost-effective and allow for rapid construction, flexible design and the ability to adapt quickly to changing needs and markets.

After designing and constructing the NASA Space Shuttle housing facility in the early 1980s, Sprung’s reputation for making advanced, thoroughly reliable tensioned fabric structures — also called fabric enclosures or fabric shelters — became known globally. With more than 12,000 structures erected in over 100 countries, Sprung has been the solution for a wide range of applications, including oil and gas buildings, military structures, event centers, aircraft hangars, mining facilities and more.

All fabric buildings by Sprung are made from high-quality materials that are individually tested using strict performance measures. Our advanced-tech fabric enclosures have proven durability in some of the most extreme climates on earth, from the hottest of desert conditions to the bitter winds and cold of the Arctic tundra. Sprung’s fabric shelters also meet the strict Miami-Dade County Hurricane Compliance Code. In fact, the only building structure left standing in Buras, Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 was a Sprung tension fabric building.


Throughout the assembly process of every Sprung structure, a technical consultant is on-site to monitor the project, ensuring quality is never compromised and each tension fabric building meets our rigorous standards. Sprung fabric membrane structures have an optional energy efficient fiberglass insulation package, which outperforms other types of construction, lessens environmental impact and lowers operational costs. Additionally, the building envelope is virtually air tight thanks to our unique highly tensioned membrane design and premium insulation.

we have over 36 preferred sponsors/suppliers for this project. They will be posted at a later time.

Many these companies will be suppling Music City Manitoba with Products & Services

Sho – Arc Architects

Royal Bank of Canada

Manitoba Hydro

Petro Canada

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Manitoba Public Insurance

Prevost Motor Car Company (Contra)

Long & McQuade

Via Rail Canada Inc.

Mr. Sub

Lund Boats


Norway House, Manitoba

TV – CBC – (Contra)

Radio Station 1 – CJOB – (Contra)

Kirby’s Accounting Services


Molson Canadian


Coco Cola


Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation


Business Development Bank of Canada

Sea Ray Boats

Calm Air

Town/Province  # 2

TV – CTV – (Contra)

NCI – Radio Station 2 (Contra)

Audio Works

Fender Guitars

Gibson Guitars

Beef Producers of Canada

Egg Marketing Board


John Deere


Canada Development Investment Corp.

Bertram Boats

Air Canada

Town/Province  # 3

TV – Global (Contra)

CFRY – Portage – Radio Station 3 (Contra)

Soulman Guitars

NACTV- Creation Station

Manitoba Metis Federation

Assembly of Chiefs of Manitoba

Manitoba Tourism


Sprung Building Structures

Marshall Amps

Canada Post Corporation


Mastercraft Boats

Town/ Province  # 4

Winnipeg Free Press/The Sun (Contra)

Shaw TV (Contra)

CKDM – Dauphin -Radio Station 4 (Contra)