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A MCM Dining Experience

We offer the most sought-after dining experience in Manitoba, including a variety of Lake Manitoba & Lake Winnipeg fish dishes to  whet your appetite.

You will receive 2 days of this with your Gold VIP Card Package

The Breakfast Buffet

We believe strongly in supporting our Manitoba egg farmers & Manitoba pork producers!

You will also receive a complimentary breakfast buffet, per day as well, with your Gold VIP Sponsorship Package. 

Of course you can also visit one of participating merchants and receive a 25% discount.

 When other restaurants figure out how we can offer our packages at such amazing prices, maybe they too will start charging reasonable prices for food and services.

The Evening Meal


Since Lake Manitoba & Lake Winnipeg has the best freshwater fish in the world, and it is in our backyard, it is only logical that we make this available to the rest of North America & the world.


Local Fisheries-to-Table

Here are a few samples of the freshly caught fish dishes that we will be serving in our establishment.

Lake Whitefish

Lake Whitefish fishing in Lake Manitoba & Lake Winnipeg varies moderately throughout the year. The high season is March to April, June to July and September to October. The low season is January and December. There is no closed season. Whitefish are an abundant species on numerous lakes throughout Manitoba and are commonly caught during open and hard water months. They are excellent for eating and are subject to generous limits, making them a popular and appealing catch. Many fisheries produce monster whitefish that exceed 25 inches!

Northern Pike & Pickerel

Northern pike and pickerel belong to the same family of fish, and it’s very easy to mix them up. In fact, if you’re not paying attention, it’s incredibly easy. Few fish look as similar as these two closely related cousins, to the point where it can be pretty difficult to tell them apart.
The Northern pike is larger in size, slightly darker in colour, with a distinct horizontal spotted pattern. As compared to various pickerel that are smaller, have varied horizontal/vertical patterns, and different coloration that differs from their larger cousins. There are more specific ways of telling apart the three types of pickerel that are related to pike, but who cares, they are great tasting food.

Whitefish Livers

Whitefish livers are in high demand all over the world. Music City Manitoba- St. Laurent will be famous for its lightly fried delicious whitefish livers. People that love them say they dream of them. Others say they can’t get enough. True “whitefish liver lovers” will travel many miles for a taste. It will not be uncommon to receive a call from as far away as Chicago requesting a table and reserving Whitefish Liver Dinners for 12, along with 6 fantastic shows per day. How about trying an appetizer today?

Pickerel Cheeks

No doubt pickerel cheeks are a Manitoba specialty. The cheeks of the pickerel are cut out and dipped in an egg/milk mixture and then dredged in flour or bread crumbs and then seasoned and fried in butter Sautéed pickerel cheeks with roasted garlic, lemon, red onion, capers and fennel finished with Pernod flambé.