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# 2 - The schedule for the Singsation Preliminary event - right under the Contestants. Maybe before the Registration thing.

# 3 - we will talk about the sponsorship pages, later.
# 4 - I am having A PROBLEM putting in the text in some of those Contestants" photos... (2 or 3 of them) & CAN'T GET 2 LINES FOR THE SONGS, AND IN 3 OR 4 PHOTOS, THE SONGS SHOW UP, BUT NOT WHERE THEY CAN BE READ. PLUS, CAN'T SIZE THE PHOTOS, IF I HAVE TO?

# 5 - link up all the forms, email, and stuff - order formS for the BUSES (TRIPS)
the buses are in the types of trips. Day Trip, 3 days/2 nights etc...

sample –

# 6 - Fix the first photo on home page - the girl - it moves around, when going to it. Still the same!