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The Invitation

The Script – For Infomercial – Scene 1

Hi, My name is “Freddy Flipowitch” from Flin Flon. (we will get a powerhouse speaker, musician to deliver this for us)

Randy Bachman did a good job on a video I just seen.

Get a screenwriter, if we have to.

I am a Manitoba Musician with 40 years experience. I have played in every location under the Manitoba Sun..


In the next 7 minutes I am going to bite the hand that has fed me my whole career, spit in the face of the Big Entertainment,                              unscrupulous agents, venues companies, and bars, that pay next to nothing for the hard work, dedication, and promotional value we bring  to them, and  the entertainment we provide. by paying us 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars less than we are really worth.

I will reveal the devastating and even unscrupulous secrets that the entertainment industry is terrified you will find out, and show you an astonishing and inexpensive way to achieve the best entertainment from all over the world, all under the low price of $5.00 per show, without doing anything other than twitching your fingers.

No matter how bad your situation is now, and no matter what is wrong with it, if you exasperated,  bored, pissed off,, and frustrated you are,……..You may find yourself grinning from ear to ear, like a love struck teenage, after you see what we can offer you.

I hope you don’t mind, if I tell you why I care so deeply, about telling your back… . Let me explain how this all came about and the some of the trial and tribulations we have run into, along the way to bringing you all fantastic entertainment, for as little as $5.00 per show. 

We will start with our attempts to book adequate facilities until we have ours completed. 

Tell the story of all the places we approached, time wasted, money spent, and all that good stuff, what happened in each case.

   Selkirk, Beausejour, Portage, Hecla Island, Virden, Race Track, Convention Centre, Metropolitan Theatre, Rainbow Stage, Regent         Casino,  South Beach Casino, The Hudson’s Bay ( City Committee), Gimli, Winnipeg Beach, Transcona Country Club, Riverton, 

Then explain the approach we are taking to get the best entertainment for the buck, and be able to pass it on to the people of Manitoba.

Explain the benefits, of what this would mean to Manitoba.

Talk about all the money these businesses and organizations receive from the government “us” and what little if anything they give back to us…

 Make the “story” bleak, honest, and forthright, and then turn it around to how and why, this can benefit everyone in our province.

Explaining how we can do this quickly, if everyone shares our passion and concern for Manitoba…

Notes as I think of them…

      Get video Testimonials  from entertainers.

       Put in short clips of our entertainers

        I have an old VHS Tape promoting why this is needed. It is pretty good. for this purpose. We can update it.

 Then if we get a location, we will subject their agreement to a world of foresight, responsibility, care of their citizenry, etc etc.

and why we decided that they would be the best anyway. We will lay out the best arguments we can come up with…

All along the line of the video, I mentioned… With a Fantastic close for sponsors, patrons, and long term benefits.


Like I said I am a Manitoba Musician, a former one, anyway….