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to any musician/

band/dance team etc.

in north america.

music city manitoba presents

The great band-tastic incentive:
WHETHER YOU ARE A SOLO MUSICIAN FROM Vancouver OR A LARGE BAND FROM Nova scotia, or any town in between, HERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY of a life time, THAT ENGAGES YOUR LOVE of MUSIC and great entertainment, WHILE greatly INCREASing YOUR FINANCIAL STATUS.


There are thousands of amazing and struggling musicians in Canada & The United States, who never get the spotlight or recognition they deserve. We want to help with that! 

Too many singers/songwriters/entertainers have been unnoticed and under-appreciated. Our Band-Tastic Incentive Program is one way to change all that.

The Music City Manitoba Program allows for any type of band or any type of music genre to participate. This Band-Tastic Incentive Program will allow you the opportunity in coming out to a fantastic  event and assist those artists who are interested in making more money and taking their existing talent to the next level.  

We will pay you a 15% commission for every person you bring out to these events.

This Incentive Program will provide Music City Manitoba with the foundation it needs to hone the competitors’ skills and prepare them for a long-term relationship with MCM, if they so choose. Although you may not be performing, on any particular date,  it will  provide you the opportunity to headline some of MCM shows, at some time or other..

Our preliminary program will run each year for a period of 59 Days, until our building is completed, and will continue for 312 days per year, thereafter.

Once MCM has its own suitable venue, a very large cash prize will be made available to those artists/singers/performers who have excelled in the Music City Manitoba’s Incentive Program, and have demonstrated a willingness to take on a very lucrative part – time career with Music City Manitoba Corporation.


Samples of possible participating groups are as follows…

Examples of how this works and how you can make big money:

If you are a group from Calgary, for instance. 

Get all your Friends, Family & Fans, to come along.

It is easy, fun, and you get a great holiday with all your favourite people, with plenty of great entertainment.

 The 4 Day/ 3 Night Tours from Alberta  is $499.00 + $9.00 BCNF = $508.00 per person (based on double occupancy)

(includes Transportation, Accommodations, A VIP Card).

A bus is 56 people, ( less 2 free seats for you/bus) = 54 x $508.00 = $27,432.00

$27,432.00  x 15% = You make = $4,114.80 / bus. 

                        (GST is not included in the commission).

PLUS – We will also pay you $150.00 per day x 4 days = $600.00 – to host the bus, so add that to your total.

So, that is nearly $5,000.00 per bus. Bring 10 of them if you like. = almost  $50,000.00 for one weekend!

We will e-transfer your commission, the day after we get the Bus & Rooms List, and Payment.

You can bring as many buses as you like. We will make all arrangements.

We also have Day Trips, 3 days/2 Nights etc.

We give away Hats, T-Shirts, MCM Jackets & Guitars etc. on each trip. 

Give us a call and we will set you up and arrange all the details.  @ 204.482.3490