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Get an Amazing  Commercial (Video) designed & produced. Highlighting the (new) Town, Entertainers, Tournament & The Trips. and place it in all the appropriates pages in this website, and all social media platforms. 

Make a 60 sec version of it to also play on TV & Radio Stations. 

Find someone to do that for us, for a specially designed sponsorship.

Sizzling Summer shows
& amazing tournaments
Buses available from almost any town in North America.

All dates and facilities have to be agreed to, as soon as possible, if we decide to move to their town. The town has to agree to assist as much as possible and not create any unneccessary obstacles, if we are going to deliver this to them.
We are not going through all the waiting on people, not answering our inquiries, and decisions making ever again.

if they agree we will deliver to the town 2000 people per day to start
1st 4 years - 52 days x 2000 = 104,000 tourists/year = 416,000 in 4 years
2030 and thereafter 312 days x 5000 = 1,560,000 tourists/year.

First Things First:

Confirmation on the Yellowhead Rec Centre & Hall for all the dates required, in writing. Stage included. Discuss how to do the meals aspect & costs.

Confirmation on The Flats in writing. Stage included. (Talk to them of what we have in mind for that for the long term if they would be interested) If not we will find another place.

Confirmation on all the other facilities for the Tournaments that we can put in, and would be necessary for the first year, in writing. Some may not be absolutely crucial, and we can maybe work around those.

Tentatively book every hotel room available within 20 minutes from the YH Rec Centre.

Reconnect with all the entertainers we have and want, and get them all confirmed for the new town, and new dates. Then we can start pre-booking the trips. Book them all then collect.

Just notes if we moved to another town:

We will have to create a dynamic Advertising/Marketing Campaign on why tourists should come to this town. (easy to do) As well as a remarkable package for every tourist we deliver. We will have to change everything to make it work. But we can do that in days, not months.

We will have to increase the number of days as the current capacity of the arena , is not sufficient. So, we ill have to make it up that way. A hell of a lot more work, and a lot less profit, however.  

So, we need as many days as possible to combat that.

Possible Dates:

     July 16 – Sep 5, 2026  – 52 Days 

     July 15 – Sep 4, 2027  – 52 Days

      July 13- Sep 2, 2028  – 52 Days

      July 12 – Sep 1, 2029 – 52 Days                                                                            2000 people x 52 days = 104,000 Tourists

      Sept 2030 – Dec 31, 2031  – Basically full time.                                                      5000 x 312 = 1,560,000                                                           

           Buses departing every     Wed-Fri     Fri – Sun     Sun – Wed                                 (different shows on M,W, F and T,T,S.) So each person on the trips                     get to see 2 nights of different shows.


We don’t want to raise prices on any trip, or cut back on what we will include in the trips.  

With only approximately 2000 people (Capacity of Arena) for a 3 day trip, it doesn’t work very well. 

So, we will have to extend the number of dates to make it work. 

That will be much more beneficial  to the town, however.

See how we can give everyone on the Towns Voters List a VIP Package. May as well make the town look good, to their citizenry. All those voters will invite their friends, family etc. to come visit, so that will help us in the long term, as well.


Motor Coach Departure Dates From Various Locations:

See Year 2026 – 52 Day Itinerary


23 TRIPS (check over a dozen times and pick the top cities & towns to depart from if going to new town.) we can only have about 39 Buses per trip less Local Area  pass sales.

We need 28 Rooms or Tents per bus. About 1092 Rm/tents etc. Unless we put Day Trips. Don’t need rooms for those. That will help with the lack of rooms. We make a lot more money on those. Not as good, though but…

Put the entertainers in RVs if they agree, if not save some hotel rooms for them.

Limited number of hotels for clients. After they are gone, we will have to use the Camping Program. (Treat the tents like a hotel. Check in & out kind of thing.)


Facilities we would need: 

Yellowhead Rec Centre

    Waygo Tournament

    Band-Tastic Entertainment

    Evening Meals

    A Big Field for the Big Entertainers. For maybe one week. Maybe The Flats,      if appropriate. Number of days to be determined. probably can’t use the              Baseball fields for this, if we have our Baseball Tournaments.


    Get every Hotel room available(if adequate)  in the area for the dates we            choose, for 4 years. 

Best Western – 72 Rooms  (book 56 rooms – 2 buses)  ??

Bay Hill & Suites – 33 Rooms  (book 28 if possible)    1.204.476.8888

Westway Inn Motel – 35 Rooms (book 28 rooms – 1 Bus)  1.204.476.2355

Neepawa Motor Hotel    14 Rooms (no good to us)

Vivian Motor Hotel  – 4 Rooms ??   (is that right?) (no good to us)                                                                            

Get RV parking for about 17 units. Maybe put the entertainers there?  

The Hall

    Singsation Tournament

    Breakfast Buffet

The Curling Rink

    Corn Hole Tournament

    Darts Tournament

    Cribbage Tournament

The Flats (maybe) Discuss the long term plans if they are interested

    For the Big Name Entertainment

    With a Stage/Ampitheatare  Style)

Field for Tenting purposes

    Keep in  mind distance (walking preferred otherwise we have to put in shuttles)

Baseball Fields for Tournament 

    (Format and dates and all that to be decided)

All businesses/organizations that will run and manage certain tournament for us. (they make money)

     Eg: Rifle Club – Skeet Shooting Tournament

            Archery Club – Archery

            Bike Races – Maybe that Club 40 thing or the track behind arena

The Campground 

     –        We would need maybe 17 spots for RVs. Tents?

Get as much info on Irvin Lake  Being checked on

The Venue for Beach Volleyball Tournament  Being checked on

Check to see if we can put in an Archery Tournament using the local organization to manage it for us.  Being checked on

 Get as many local restaurants to participate as we can.

They have some kind of Lumber Company there. Get all details on that, for future consideration.

See if we can display a Prevost Bus near the Yellowhead Rec Centre.

We have to organize the tournaments so that they will coincide with the entertainment. Determine the most efficient way of doing that.

***  Create a Free – 3 day VIP Pass for everyone over the age of 18 from the town. Should be easy to do with the proposed number of days. But it has to be done, as not to effect the daily numbers to much for the venue.

Of the top of my head it may be something like 50 people per day for 52 days. Has to be on a first come basis, I guess. We can do more for the days of the Main Shindig. (bigger venue)

If we want, we can arrange (1) free – 3 Day trip from the towns that didn’t work with us, when we approached them, and stick it to them. There is no  better way of getting free advertising, and having the word spread quickly, at the same time rubbing their nose in it! LOL. Plus, they will all buy 1, 2, or 3 more trips. Worked wonders in previous times. We did it for 144,000 people in about 1995. To the Walker Theatre & Convention Centre. 







Groups/Organizations businesses required:

Someone to look after sales of Liquor  ( We assume the Yellowhead Rec Centre can do that)  Yes

Someone to serve a meal each day ( We assume the Yellowhead Rec Centre  can do that)  Yes

Some one to serve a Breakfast Buffet per day (We assume the Yellowhead Centre can do that)  Yes

Costs per meal will have to be determined.

Someone to manage our free daily Waygo Tournament. The Legion maybe. This is simple just need someone to run 3 Bingo Games per day. They don’t have to sell cards or anything like that. On the main floor of the Arena. We can do it, but may as well get an organization involved, and we will pay them for that.

Get someone to arrange the Baseball Tournament etc. In fact, we need a person or group for each type of Tournament. They have to be reliable beyond compare.

Call Frank  at CN or call CP to see if we can arrange a train on a daily basis for those days from Winnipeg. That would be the cats ass!

Book the Entertainment on a Mon, Wed, Fri  & a Tue, Thu, Sat basis. We will have to juggle around what we have, some will be too expensive to have for only a  2000 seat venue. Maybe put them in the outdoor venue. Put in 7 days  for that instead of the 4 days we have now.

Put in the Gospel Music entertainers on a Sunday. Maybe get the ones that can also perform in the rotation. So, we don’t get them one day at a time, which is much more expensive.

Get a number of local churches involved for the Sunday entertainment. Hire a pastor to do a 5-10 minute benediction, on each Sunday. May as well have them supporting us, as well.

Check with Bill re: TV & Radio Coverage of “Singsation” and highlights of                  Band-Tastic.

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