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cheryl lescom

Cheryl Lescom has been part of the Canadian music scene for over 45 years.

Starting off in 1975 with several of her own bands before becoming a back up singer for Ronnie Hawkins and touring with Long John Baldry.

Cheryl also sang on many national jingles in the 1980’s.

She has toured and performed with the likes of Jeff Healey, Matt Minglewood, Dutch Mason, the Downchild Blues Band, Jack DeKeyser, Del Shannon, David Wilcox, Mel Brown, Paul James, Billy Durst and The Detroit Women.

To date, Cheryl has released 6 CD’s.

Awards she has received include:

The Advertising Music Producers – Best Female Vocal Performance 1984
The Kitchener Blues Festival – Mel Brown Award 2006
Kitchener Waterloo Arts Award for Music 2009

Cheryl’s new cd with the Tucson Choir Boys, ‘Well Played’  was released in October 2020 on Busted Flat Records…

mr. canada & The moost

You know you’re raised right when most of these songs are older than you, and you’re listening to them and loving them!

With their magnificent repertoire of over 200 songs, “The Moost” covers every aspect of music from the early hits of The Beatles through to the ‘surf’ sound of The Beach Boys,  the rhythm and blues of The Rolling Stones to the folk-rock of The Byrds and Neil Diamond – the close harmony of the Hollies to the raw power of The Who. Whether you are a ‘Hippie’,  or ‘Rocker’, ‘Country Lover’  as Mr. Canada says … “An amazing time is guaranteed for all!” .

Mr. Canada & The Moost,  are the band that performs the biggest party hits from present-day to 60s & 70s rock, blues, soul & Motown, country, and the classics. Lineups range from 9-piece to 15-piece, featuring tight horns, elegant strings backed by a killer rhythm section and fronted by Canada’s most prolific session singers. Not only are “Mr. Canada & The Moost” one of the best bands of their kind, but they are also certainly one of the best-dressed groups in Canada.

the chicks

The Chicks are an American country music band from Dallas, Texas. Since 1995, the band has consisted of Natalie Maines and sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer. Maguire and Strayer, both née Erwin, founded the band in 1989 in Dallas, Texas, with bassist Laura Lynch and vocalist and guitarist Robin Lynn Macy.

the hollies

The Hollies are a British pop rock group formed in 1962. One of the leading British groups of the 1960s and into the mid 1970s, they are known for their distinctive three-part harmony style. They enjoyed considerable popularity in many countries (with at least 60 singles or EO’s and 26 albums charting somewhere in the world, spanning over five decades). The hollies had over 30 charting singles and 22 Billboard Hot 100.

The Hollies are on of the few UK groups of the early 60s, along with the Rolling Stones, who have never disbanded and continue to record and perform. In recognition to their achievements, the Hollies were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

Being invited. Not confirmed. 

men in cheap suits

An unforgettable Funky Surprise. Men in Cheap Suits are the ultimate Soul & Funk Dance Party Band. These versatile and seasoned musicians continue to wow audiences with their engaging performances, exciting repertoire, and tight attention to detail. Individually their extensive experiences is undeniable. They come together as a virtual rainbow, pouring huge hits from multiple decades to a dance crazed packed room of all ages.

foster & allan

Tony was born on 24th February 1952, the youngest of a family of nine children. He was very keen on music from an early age, and was much encouraged by his parents and teachers. His father Patrick was a fiddle player while his mother was a fine singer.

Tony started playing the accordian after one of his brothers brought him an accordian from England. It wasn’t long before he joined the Mary Landers band and in turn joined the Kieran Kelly Band replacing Brendan Shine. It was another Moate man, Kevin Sheeran, an accomplished musician and sogwriter in his own regard who recommended Tony for the job in his band. They used to play mostly around the Midlands and a residency in the Irish Club, Parnell Square, Bublin, every Tuesday night…

the revolvers

Forming in the summer of 2006, The Revolvers consist of four young guys with an unrivalled, burning passion for the greatest musical decade of all time…We are course referring to the 1960s.

Having played over 1500 concerts, worldwide “The Revolvers” continue to wow audiences with not only their incredible musical talent but also with their unmatched authenticity.

From the meticulously sourced costumes to the vintage musical instruments they use, this is really a show not be missed.


No matter what he does or where he goes, Uncle Kracker adheres to a simple rule, yet rather a timeless philosophy. “I really subscribe to this mindset of just having fun” he affirms. “That’s what it’s always about. It’s the train that I’m forever on.

Now he’s having more fun than ever. And it certainly shows with the release of his brand new single “Floating”  Uncle Krackers’s heartfelt, infectious lyrics with a country groove that will keep fans smiling all summer long.


Fronted by the acclaimed singer/song writer Tom Sartori, and backed by some of the best musicians, dancers, and performers in the business, this internationally renown band is perfect for our event. They bring in an element of energy, passion, and showmanship that is a league of their own.


Canada’s Definitive Soul Band bringing you back to the golden days of, all the way through to the present. Featuring the pride of Morden, Manitoba’s  Jayme Giesbrecht at the helm, and some of the most in demand musicians in Canada.


ERROL RANVILLE is a Canadian singer and guitarist. He is the founder of the Manitoba Ahbee Festival. He was the member of the country band C-Weeds. Ranville started a band C-Weed and the Weeds with his brothers Wally and Don when they were in high school. The band was formed in 1984 and by 1986 had changed their name to C-Weeds and released four albums.


“My biggest influence as I was growing up were Jimmy Buckley, Dereck Ryan, Gene Watson, Rascal Flatts and of course my biggest was my Dad who was always there to encourage and advise me. 

My first and foremost type of music is definitely country, should it be Irish, American, or contemporary. I can appreciate all types of music but – personally for me to sing – I like the country style. My Mom and Dad inspire me so much to do my music as I can see they get as much pleasure from listening to me as I get from singing it, and also the public who listen to my music- when they give me lovely compliments its very encouraging and inspires me to keep going knowing people  enjoy what I do. 


The Pumps started in Winnipeg, Canada in 1979 and it didn’t take long for the word to spread. Their live shows became legendary for superb musicianship, great energy and a show that was always full of surprises. They played to sold out crowds across Canada garnering a reputation  as the -that could really perform. 


Precious continues to wow her audience, with her gorgeous soulful voice and her dynamic personal presence. She actively tours the world today, representing the group Eruption and as a solo star in her own right, whose unique, timeless, and instantly identifiable vocal  style and flavour still excites the masses.

Precious Wilson is one of the pioneers of the UK Black music revolution of the 70s & 80s, alongside artists as Junior Giscombe, Jazzy B (Soul2Sould), Heatwave, Loose Ends, Lee John (Imagination), Eddy Grant, and Carol Thompson/

Precious was born in Jamaica and educated in both the UK and the USA. She started her singing career as lead singer with the soul disco group called Eruption.


Marmalade is one of those groups that just seem to endure. In the U.K., they are best remembered for one record, a cover of the Beatles  “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,” while in America, their sole major hit was the wistful “Reflections of My Life.” They charted number one records and even Top Ten American singles into the ’70s, and the group — especially with in early-’70s incarnation — had many sides, including white soul, harmony-dominated pop/rock, and progressive pop, all very much like The Beatles in their middle years. However, it was their cover of a Beatles song, oddly enough, that weighed down their reputation in their homeland.


The Bradbury was a ship that sailed Lake Winnipeg. The Bradbury was recommissioned after being idle from 1935 to 1952. She was outfitted with new diesel engines and continued her previous duties as becoming a dredge tender, and transportation vessel for Government officials the lake.

We have decided to name our blues band. The MS Bradbury Blues Band due to family connections to this great ship.


Built-in 1942 by the Purvis Company of Selkirk, the Chickama 11operated as a passenger and freight vessel on Play Green Lake. Every spring she travelled north to Warren’s Landing to make regular  trips through the shallow waters to Norway House. She took the cargo from the SS Kenora who was unable to navigate the waters of the smaller lake. 

The Chickama 11 was also used to push and pull barges with her 4 cycle diesel engine. Now she is one of our fantastic Music City Manitoba’s Country Bands, due to many great family connections.


Manitoba’s oldest and best loved steamship has returned from anonymity to a concrete throne at the Marine Museum. This ship had a colourful past before she settled into her deserved place of honour.

Built in 1897, she was a passenger ship and freight steamship on Lake of the Woods, the Red River, and Lake Winnipeg.

The Kenora accommodated 65 passenger cabins in her 158-foot length and travelled up to 15 knots. After coming to Winnipeg in 1917, a syndicate of Winnipeg lawyers used her for a season as a floating dance hall!

Those who travelled aboard the Kenora in the past, fondly remember her days as a proud lake steamer. She is still in the limelight today as a mecca for those wanting to learn about Manitoba’s lake history.

The Ken-Ora Eight Band is fondly named after her, due to many family connections.



Father Pap & The Wooden Monks are a collective close-knit world class singers & musicians, delivering the absolute best in live musical entertainment and acheiving ravve reviews for their song selections and presentations of the great old tunes.

You know you are raised right when most of these songs are older than you, and you are listening to them, and loving them.


When Donna Huber moved to Sudbury, Ontario, she was surprised and pleased to receive compliments from strangers commenting on how she looked like “Shania Twain”. So she began to practice singing like Shania, watching her videos over and over again, watching her moves and the way she presented herself. Donna worked to put a band together and the rest is history. Donna has been on the road since 1996 as the most successful Tribute Act in North America and Europe.

Donna’s Shania Twin performances has been a highlight at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta for three consecutive years and was honoured to entertain the Canadian troops in Bosnia, Croatia and Dubai.

Donna Hubbard has met Shaina Twain. as well as Shania Twain’s family. Shania has commented that after seeing a poster of Donna. “I thought that was me! Donna is the best Shania Twain Tribute out there>” Another compliment to Donna was the fact that Shania Twain herself had mentioned Donna in her Biography.


Up with People is an American nonprofit organization that uses a five=month program involving travel, the performing arts, volunteering, and various workshops focusin on intercultural communications to teach young adults how to interact in a muti-cultural environment and create changes in communities with varying needs. The UWPP current headquarters is in Denver, with satellite offices  Belgium and Mexico.

Being Invited. Not Confirmed Yet.


Darius Walker first attained multi-platinum status in the music industry as the lead singer and Rhythm guitarist of Grammy award winning Hootie & The Blowfish. Since r-introducing himself to the world as a country artist, he has released four consecutive albums to the top of the Billboard Country charts. In 2014, Rucker has won his third career Grammy Award for the Best Solo Country Performance.

Being Invited. Not Confirmed.


Hubert Neal McGaughey Jr. known professional as Neil McCoy, is an American country music singer. He has released 10 Studio albums on various labels, and has released 34 singles to country radio. Although he first charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in 1988, he did not reach the top 40 for the first time until 1992’s “Where Forever Begins”, which peaked at number 40. McCoy broke through two years later with the back-to-back number one singles “No Doubt About It” and “Wink” from his platinum-certified album No Doubt About It. Although he has not topped the country charts since, his commercial success continued into the mid to lake 1990s with two more platinum albums and a gold album, as well as six more top 10hits. 

Being Invited.



One of UK’s top folk & bluegrass bands, the Flats & Sharps is a young high energy 4 –   instrumental and vocal harmony group that is carving a name for themselves on the international country music scene. 


Blondie is an American rock band co-founded by singer Debbie Harry and guitrist Chris Stein. The band was a pioneer in the American new wave scene of the mid-1970s in New York. The first two albums contained strong element of these genres, and although successful in the United Kingdom and Australia, Blondie was regarded as an underground band in the United States until the release of Parallel Lines in 1978. Over the next five years, the achieved several hit singles including “Heart of Glass”, “Call Me”, “Atomic”, The Tide is High, and “Rapture”. The band became noted for its electric mix of musical styles, incorporating elements of disco, pop, Reggae, and early rap music.


Legendary singer, songwriter, actress, Icon, Cindy Lauper offers a poignant account of the journey that led her to become an international super star – from her years growing up in Queens, New York to the making of enduring hits like “Time After Time”, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and “True Colours” to become an actress, mother, an outspoken activist, and maintaining a music career that has lasted more than thirty years.

With her trademark warmth and humour, Cyndi fearlessly writes of a life she’s lived only on her own terms, perfect for fans of Patti Smith’s Just Kids and Billy Idol’s dancing with Myself. A Grammy, Emmy, and Tony award-winning artist with 30 sterling years and global record sales in excess of 50 million, Cyndi Lauper, has proven that she has the heart and soul to keep her legions of fans compelled by her every creative move.  


Howard and David continue to prove that the trail they’ve ridden to fame has become as unique as their music itself – music that is now celebrating over 40 years of success.

The road that started on the pop music in the 70’s, took a winding turn into country music in the 80’s, paving the way for duos to come, such as Brooks & Dunn, Montgomery Gentry, Big & Rich and previously – The Judds. But before the road forked into country, the musical odyssey of brothers Bellamy started creating smoldering in their home state of Florida, before exploding nationally amidst the 70’s pop culture of L.A.

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The Georgia Satellites are an American Southern rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. They achieved mainstream success with their self-titled debut album, featuring their best known single “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.


During the 1970s and the early 1980s like many of their its peers, The Fourmost played mainly on the cabaret circuit as it struggled to compete for appeal with disco, funk, glam rock, and punk.

Since the mid 1980s The Fourmost has enjoyed a golden era of the wider 1960s revival scene and now appear throughout the UK and Europe playing at theatres’, holiday parks and 60s festivals to a diverse fan base.

The Fourmost are one of the most authentic 1960s bands currently on the circuit today, from their Fender amps, Rapier 33 guitars and Premier drums down to their Italian made slim fitted suits and Cuban heel boots.


The Stephanie Wesdall Band is vocally driven by Stephanie with a strong emphasis on her unique style and “always in the pocket” beats of Tom Brodbeck on drums and the instinctive rhythms and melodies of Ron Lamoureux on bass, guitar and harp. The band styles of music include r & b, pop, jazz, and rock with some funky experimental renditions of instantly recognizable tunes.

The Stephanie Westdal Band is composed of three seasoned musicians, singers and songwriters whose combined expertise delivers, ear catching performances like no other. Not to be missed.



The Equals are an English pop, R&B, and rock group formed in North London in 1965. They are best remembered for their million-selling chart-topper “Baby Come Back”, though they had several other chart hits in the UK and Europe. Eddie Grant founded the group with John Hall, Pat Lloyd, and brother Derv and Lincoln Gorden, and they were noted as being “the firstmajor international rock groups in the UK” and on”one of the few racially mixed bands of the era. 

The Montreal Backbeat Showband is a high energy 12 piece show band,  who will make any event, an event to be remembered. 

The band is made up of 10 highly talented, experienced and professional musicians including a 5 piece horn section and 3 singers who create an electric atmosphere leaving you with lasting memories.

The Montreal Backbeat Showband offer a repertoire that is unparalleled to create a bespoke evening of entertainment from the minute you walk in the door,to the last one is left on the dance floor.


Gene Watson says ” I have been on top. And I have been a low as you can go” All of these ups and downs have kept Watson searching for his next project and never giving up. He concludes  “There’s a tremendous number of people around the world who continue to come out and hear some fiddle and steel and songs about heartbreak and real life.” I think there is still such a hunger out there for traditional country music. So I’d like to stay out there as long as I am still able to do the job and do it well. 

Being Invited.


Marlyborne is a jazz trio made up of three musicians and a vocalist. Ton Brodbeck on drums and percussions, Ron Lamoureux on bass and vocals, Mathew Desousa on piano and Elizabeth Sadler on vocals.

The band strikes a delicate balance, Each instrument finds its place in the sonic palette and rhythmic scene. By reducing the number of musicians, the trio opens more space in the sonic texture for each musician to explore. The genre-bending repertoire frees the group to integrate other textures and rhythms . The group is just as likely to explore odd-time signatures or a straight rock back-beat.


Thelma Louise Mandrell is an American country music singer. She is the younger sister of fellow country singer Barbara Mandrell, and the older sister of actress  Irlene Mandrell. Louise has a successful singing career in country music from the 1970s , with a string of hits in the 1980s.    


The Devil’s Daughtewrs was originally formed in 2011 by front woman Mysti Moon. The Daughters joined forces with Danny B Harvey back in2012 where they recorded an album with a small label outof PA and did several US tours. The Daughters are back and better than ever with two EP’s and a limited vinyl LP.    


The Northern Pikes are a Canadian rock band formed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in 1984. The original members are Jay Semko, Brian Potvin, Merl Bryck, and Glen Hollingshead, who left the band in 1985 and was replaced by Don Schmid in 1986.            


A true Canadian son, Andy has recently been awarded the country’s top industry honours including the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame and a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. Andy is a member of Songwriters Hall of Fame, was inducted into Billboard’s Hit Parade Hall of Fame, and in 2017, for the 2nd time in their 70 – year history SOCAN honoured Andy with their Cultural Impact Award. Over his epic career, Andy has sold over 30 million records, and has over a half a billion streams on Spotify and You Tube.

playin' Jane band

A true Manitoba Treasure. Jane Carson…