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ABBAMANIA features all of ABBA’s most memorable hits including Waterloo (the eurovision song contest winner 1974), Dancing Queen (a hit in the charts and many movie sound tracks), Take a Chance, Money Money Money, Chiquitita, Voulez Vous and The Winner Takes it All, to name a few.

Their  aim is for to you experience how a LIVE concert would have felt all those years ago, bringing you the best in vocals, musicianship and musical arrangments.This show has been running since 1999 and is the longest running ABBA Tribute Concert in the World. They have worked meticulously to try to bring you the most accurate and authentic LIVE ABBA Concert possible. They want to capture the true essence, energy and excitment of what it would have been like to have experienced this truly wonderful band LIVE in concert.


For over 30 years, The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been the quintessential American band. The group’s distinctive and powerful sound, influenced by a diversity of musical styles, manifested itself into a unique musical hybrid via such barnburners as “Tuff Enuff” and “Wrap It Up”. Co-founder Kim Wilson, the sole original member, still spearheads the group as it evolves into its newest incarnation.

“We started as a straight blues band”, vocalist and harmonica player Wilson says. “We now incorporate a mixture of a lot of different styles. We’re an American music band and we’re much higher energy than we were before.”

Muddy  Waters called Wilson his favorite harmonica player and vocalist. “Muddy Waters was very good to me,” Wilson says. “He almost adopted me. I’ll never forget him.”


4th Impact is a Filipino girl group composed of sisters Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina Cercado. The group competed in the twelfth season of the British singing contest The X Factor, where they finished in fifth place. They are also known for having participated in several Philippine and international talent competitions, including the World Championships of Performing Arts, which they won in 2006 and 2013, and the South Korean talent search Superstar K6 in 2014, where they reached eighth place. The sisters are originally from Roxas, Isabela, and are now based in Metro Manila.

 They were formerly known as the Cercado Sisters, Gollayan Sisters, M.I.C.A. and 4th Power. They were born in Santiago City, Isabela  (Cagayan Valley) province in the Northeastern Luzon island of the Philippines. The group has been singing and dancing together since they were children – with their harmonized vocals and choreographed dance routines. 

Playing For Change (PFC) was founded in 2002 by Mark Johnson and Whitney Kroenke. Mark Johnson was walking in Santa Monica, California, when he heard the voice of Roger Ridley (deceased in 2005) singing ” Stand By Me “; it was this experience that sent Playing For Change on its mission to connect the world through music.

The Dreamboats are bringing back good ol’ rock n’ roll! With a sound that is equal parts Chuck Berry & The Wonders, this quartet of Canadian boys delivers a high energy show that has audiences dancing the night away!

Seven guys, seven ties, and an unforgettable funky surprise. Men in Cheap Suits are the ultimate soul and funk dance party band. Every audience can’t get enough of that funky stuff so grab the rope and let Men in Cheap Suits pull you in.
These versatile and seasoned musicians continue to wow audiences with their engaging performances, exciting repertoire and tight attention to detail. Individually their extensive experience is undeniable. They come together as a visual rainbow pouring huge hits from multiple decade’s to a dance crazed packed room of all ages.

Famed for fronting huge 70’s hit band Smokie, Chris Norman has gone on to carve a successful solo career since leaving the band in 1986, when his first single ‘Midnight Lady’ became a massive hit throughout Europe including holding the German No.1 slot for 6 weeks!
Now, with over 20 solo albums to his name, he’s back with a brand new collection and sounding better than ever. It is an eclectic mix of new and original recordings that have that his unmistakable sound. The tracks are hallmarks of a true singer-songwriter with timeless melodies and memorable harmonies that soar. The single ‘Crawling Up The Wall’ is an instant classic highlighting Chris’ unique and instantly recognisable voice.


Jennifer’s reputation for great vocal chops and notoriety for countless public appearances singing national anthems at NHL games, and touring the country with her band, began to attract the attention of a new audience among jazz fans.Her torchy, seductive vocal style is among the finest in the current generation of jazz singers, while her stage presence is that of the classic generation of singers like Rosemary Clooney, Julie London and Vera Lynn. She’s definitely not just another voice in the crowd.

Tony was born on 24th February 1952, the youngest of a family of nine children.  He was very keen on music from an early age, and was very much encouraged by his parents and teachers.  His father Patrick was a fiddle player while his mother was a fine singer.

Tony started playing the accordion after one of his brothers brought him an accordion home from England.  It wasn’t too long before he joined the Mary Landers (a local band) and in turn joined the Kieran Kelly Band replacing Brendan Shine.  It was another Moate man, Kevin Sheeran, an accomplished musician and songwriter in his own regard who recommended Tony for the job in this band.  They used to play mostly around the Midlands and a residency in the Irish Club, Parnell Square, Dublin every Tuesday night…


Forming in the summer of 2006, The Revolvers consist of four Young guys with an unrivalled, burning passion for the greatest musical decade of all time….. We are of course referring to the 1960s. 

Having played over 1500 concerts, worldwide “The Revolvers” continue to wow audiences with not only their incredible musical talents but also with their unmatched authenticity. 

From the meticulously sourced costumes that they wear to the vintage musical instruments that they use, this really is a show not to be missed.


Huey is in show business, and so will do almost anything for attention or money, (usually in that order), and to that end he has played ‘Billy Flynn’ in the musical ‘Chicago’ on Broadway, filmed the movie Duets with Gwyneth Paltrow, and guest starred on the sit-com ‘Hot in Cleveland’ several times. He has won many awards and accolades, and he’d love to tell you about them sometime.


No matter what he does or where he goes, Uncle Kracker adheres to a simple, yet rather timeless philosophy. “I really subscribe to this mindset of just having fun,” he affirms. “That’s what it’s always about. It’s the train that I’m forever on. The way I feel is if I’m enjoying it, it’s really worth doing.”

Now he’s having more fun than ever. And it certainly shows with the release of his brand new single “Floatin’.” Just in time for summer, the feel-good track recorded in Nashville couples Uncle Kracker’s heartfelt, infectious lyrics with a country groove that will keep fans smiling all summer long. 


Fronted by critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Tom Sartori, and backed up by some of the best musicians, dancers, and performers in the business, this internationally renown party band is perfect for our fundraising promotional event. To quote a recent client, the SARTORI SHOW BAND is sure to “take your event from standard… to world class.” They bring an element of energy, passion, and showmanship that is in a league all of its own. Tom and his band perform a wide variety of party cover songs, ranging from Top 40, to 80’s Rock, to EDM, to Country, to Disco.


 Canada’s Definitive Soul Band, bringing you back to the golden days, all the way through to the present.

Featuring Jayme Giesbrecht at the helm, and some of the most in-demand musicians in Canada.


Known as “The Galway Boy”, is one of Ireland’s top Entertainers, having this year celebrated 16 years in the entertainment scene.

He is regarded as the best band for dancing with a 2.5-hour high energy show featuring all of his hits, ” Wasn’t that a Party’,’ My Oklahoma Home ”Tommy K,” ”Galway Girl”, ”Paddy ”, ”Hills of Donegal” his “Rockabilly” selection and his current Single “. The Workin man from his brand new Album ” The Workin man”

Mike Denver is well aware that the people that come to his Shows all they want is a good night of entertainment and that’s what he provides.

Mike has recorded 15 albums and 5 DVDs to date and it’s from them he picks his programme for the night. Mike is looking forward to another Very Busy year 2020


ERROL RANVILLE is a Canadian singer and guitarist. He is the founder of the Manito Ahbee Festival. He was a member of the country band C-Weeds. Ranville started a band C-Weed and the Weeds with his brothers Wally and Don when they were in high school. The band was formed in 1984 and by 1986 had changed their name to C-Weed and released four albums.


“My biggest musical influences as I was growing up were Jimmy Buckley, Derek Ryan, Gene Watson, Rascal Flatts and of course my biggest was my Dad who was always there to encourage and advise me.”
My first and foremost type of music is definitely country, should it be Irish, American or contemporary. I can appreciate all types of music but – personally for me to sing – I like the country style. My Mum and Dad inspire me so much to do my music as I can see they get as much pleasure from listening to me as I get from singing it, and also the public who listen to my music – when they give me lovely compliments its very encouraging and inspires me to keep going knowing people enjoy what I do


The Pumps started in Winnipeg Canada in 1979 and it didn’t take long for word to spread. Their live shows became legendary for superb musicianship, great energy and a show that was always full of surprises. They played to sold-out crowds across Canada garnering a reputation as the anti-posers that could really perform.


Precious continues to wow her audience, with her gorgeous soulful voice and her dynamic personal presence.
She actively tours the world today, representing the group Eruption and as a solo star in her own right, whose unique, timeless and instantly identifiable vocal style and flavour still excites the masses.

PRECIOUS WILSON is one of the pioneers of the UK Black music revolution of the ’70s and ’80s, alongside such artists as Junior Giscombe, Jazzy B (Soul 2 Soul), Heatwave, Loose Ends, Lee John (Imagination), Eddy Grant, and Carol Thompson.
Precious was born in Jamaica and educated in both the UK and the USA.
She started her singing career as lead singer with the soul disco group called ERUPTION.


On New Year’s Day 1969, Marmalade began a month-long reign at Number One with ‘Ob-la-di Ob-la-da’. Their consequent headlining slots on Top Of The Pops marked not only the high summer of Scottish rock, but the climax of a hard-won personal victory traceable to the struggles of Glasgow’s Dean Ford and the Gaylords, who, becoming too hot for mid-1960s Clydeside to hold, began a new chapter with a change of name to Marmalade


ROCKALYPSO established in 1990, is an exciting Caribbean band with a talented and creative stage presence that brings to life the rich rhythms of the Caribbean. This group of incredibly talented musicians and vocalists keep their audiences captivated and dancing in the aisles throughout their whole show

Lead singer and guitarist Glen Williams established the band Rockalypso in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1990. Since then, Glen has been entertaining and sharing his Caribbean and Jamaican roots through music for a variety of different audiences, not only in Winnipeg but all over Canada and the USA. He is a versatile and very charismatic musician. Whether performing as a soloist or leading his band, Glen will keep you dancing, smiling as he sings and performs the music of the islands. For a wonderful Caribbean musical experience, Glen Williams will take you there!


The Bradbury was a ship that sailed Lake Winnipeg. The Bradbury was recommissioned after being idle from 1935 to 1952. She was outfitted with new diesel engines and continued her previous duties as well as becoming a dredge tender, and transportation vessel for Government officials visiting the lake


Built-in 1942 by the Purvis Company of Selkirk, the Chickama II operated as a passenger and freight vessel on Play Green Lake. Every spring she travelled north to Warren’s Landing to make regular trips through the shallow rocky waters to Norway House. She took the cargo from the S.S. Keenora who was unable to navigate the waters of the smaller lake.

The Chickama II was also used to push and pull barges with her 4 cylinder Gardner diesel engine. Now she is a Fantastic Country Band!


Manitoba’s oldest and best-loved steamship has returned from anonymity to a concrete throne at the Marine Museum. This ship had a colourful past before she settled into her deserved place of honour.

Built-in 1897, she was a passenger and freight steamship on Lake of the Woods, the Red River and Lake Winnipeg.

The Kenora accommodated 65 passenger cabins in her 158-foot length and travelled up to 15 knots. After coming to Winnipeg, in 1917, a syndicate of Winnipeg lawyers used her for a season as a floating dance hall!

Those who travelled aboard the Kenora in the past, fondly remember her days as a proud lake steamer. She is still in the limelight today as a mecca for those wanting to learn about Manitoba’s lake history


Father Pap & The Wooden Monks are a collective close-knit of world-class singers & musicians, delivering the absolute best in live musical entertainment and receiving rave reviews for their song selections and presentations of the great old tunes.

You know you’re raised right when most of these songs are older than you, and you’re listening to them and loving them!