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we are going to donate this entire tourism project to
the perfect laurent, mb.
too late to be yours! sorry.
MUSIC CITY MANITOBA - st. laurent, mb.
Town information
Most of all you need to know is in this website.

this epic project is available to THE town that "fits the bill"
that town is st. laurent, mb.

here is how we will do it.

We will have a series of 59 Day Preliminary Events starting on 

June 18 – August 15, 2026

June 17 – August 14, 2027 

June 15 – August 12, 2028

June 14 – August 11, 2029

We will sell 36 Main Sponsorships on our Event Centre.

We will sell 100s of Wall Sponsorships.

We will sell 1000s of Walk Way Sponsorships.

We will sell 1000s Motor Coach Trips.

and much more…

This will allow us to raise all the funds that will be needed (estimated to be about $30,000,000.00)  

to construct the Entertainment Event Centre,  and put everything we need, in place, 

within a 5 year period. We will then turn it over to the Town.

We will do this with no government funding. 

(If they want to help, that is great, if not we don’t need them).


Outdated Videos. Stay Tuned!


We have decided the St. Laurent, mb will be the home for music city manitoba

Imagine how much this project will add to this beautiful town. 312 days per year!

and it will get better every year.

Music city manitoba - st. laurent
twin beaches
Located in the beautiful town of St. Laurent, Manitoba

The Town of St. Laurent is poised on the shores of Lake Manitoba, St. Laurent offers some of the nicest beaches in Manitoba with over 600 lake front cottage lots.  With the most scenic and peaceful sunsets, St. Laurent is growing,  with many long standing seasonal residents choosing our community to call home.  And who could blame them!  Only a short drive to Winnipeg, St. Laurent offers all the amenities you could ever need including restaurants, grocery store, post office, ambulance and local fire station, assisted living centre with nursing aids and nurse practitioner, pharmacy,  recreation centre, baseball diamonds, and arena.  If you’re an avid sportsman St. Laurent offers great fishing and hunting as well as ATV, snowmobile trails and our Manipogo Golf Course.  St. Laurent is also a large farming community with many hectares of pasture land, cattle, hobby and professional.  We are proud to have our own meat packers plant as well.  Interlake Packers has been around for decades offering a fine assortment of smoked meats and custom cuts.

More then just cottage country, St. Laurent is a proud Metis community which was chosen in 2004 by the prestigious Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC for their inaugural exhibit located in the new National Museum of the American Indian.  They chose our community above so many others across North America because of the true vitality and distinctiveness of the Metis identity. 

sample of our headliners for the outdoor shows,

the preliminary events, and for when our Entertainment Centre is completed.

music city manitoba
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