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The following Tour Operators and many others will be invited to participate in our “Music City Manitoba” Event.

Please email for a very Generous Program for Tour Operators.


Click on your region below to see list of Tour Operators and their contact info.

We will also include passes for all your passengers, for these

Amazing World Renowned Tourist Destination Spots.


As we were in the Tour Business for many years, we completely understand a tour package that a tour operator needs to get, to make their tours exciting, cost effective, and profitable. 

We have put together, without a doubt one of the most comprehensive programs that does all that, and a lot more. It is not just a couple of dollars off tickets and so forth.

We have also built in an incentive program, as well as an exclusive policy, for the most effective operators, we can find.

You will not find this anywhere else. We are even open to discussing other requirements that you may have.

We know that in order for a tour operator to sell their tours, they must have an exciting, simple, unique, different, and a willingness to help attitude from their destinations, and the time frame in which to make it happen. 

Well, my friends you have all that, right here. Without a doubt. We will even help with the advertising and marketing of your tours.

Just send us an email, right from here, or call us at any time at 1.204.482.3490. If you want exclusivity that is available as well, but that has to be booked real early.

We may even give you a $100,000.00 Sponsorship at no cost. We will explain. 

If you need any special arrangement, we can accommodate.

PLEASE NOTE: There are special prices just for Tour Operators that are different than what is specified in the Website. Just register, and we will email the Tour Operators Incentive Program – to you.

The Tour Operator from your area will determine the length, Itinerary,  and cost of these trips.