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With a total of 312 nights, about 50 Weekends, 6 Shows per night, and up to 1872 shows per year,  we are extremely pleased to put 2020 & 2021 & 2022 behind us and to bring on the future. We are presenting to Canada over 11,000 amazing and talented musicians, ever to assemble. We have many of the Super Groups, performing their biggest party hits, (millions & millions of records sold), from present-day to 60s & 70 s Rock, Soul, Motown, The Blues, Country, and the Classics. Line-ups range from magnificent 4-piece bands to large 17-piece bands featuring horns, elegant strings, backed by killer rhythm sections, and so sweet harmonies from the world’s most prolific session singers, With their magnificent repertoire of over 100,000 tunes they will cover every aspect of music from the early hits to the latest sounds.  Whether you are a Hippie, Rocker, or Country Lover, as we say around here “An Amazing Time is guaranteed for all”   It is our great pleasure to invite you to the MOOST fun-filled weeks ever to hit Canada. We are bringing the shows to you! Check out our schedule page. No tickets will be more than $49 Bucks. We want everyone to enjoy these amazing entertainers, and have the greatest time ever. We guarantee you will know more than 90% of the tunes, and you will want to get up and dance and sing along.  No need to spend an arm and a leg to have a great time, not with us! If you can’t get there we provide, Motor Coach, Train Travel and Air Charter Service, from all over Canada and the US!

The only thing better than the bands is the price to see them!

We guarantee it!!!

Check out our CONCEPTS

The following images are conceptual in design and functionality.  The entertainment centre will include two large stages, a large banquet hall, photography, video, recording studios, rehearsal hall, bars, a number of coffee houses and eateries, a hall of fame, a glamping village, amphitheatre, and an area where local and national retailers can promote, display, market and sell their product and merchandise. The final concept will be displayed shortly.

Our permanent home will be in Manitoba and will feature a Media Company, Photography Studio, Recording Studio, Video Studio, Rehearsal Studio, An Online Radio & TV Station, The Great Wall of Canada, Music City Manitoba Museum, The Walk of Fame, Pastry Shop, A Manitoba Tavern, A Manitoba Lounge, Guitar Shop, Music City Manitoba Offices with Bus/Air Charter Tours, The Performer Magazine Headquarters, Local Tours Offices, Show Tickets Areas, Jacket, Hat, & CD Gift Shop, Music Store, Radio & TV Station, A number of small coffeehouses/pastry shops with stages where many talented people, that are not performing on the main stages, could get together and perform live on stage, in a smaller venue, to showcase their talents, on their way to “Stardom” (The Ken-Ora, The Chick-Ama, The Bradbury, The Wolverine, Father Pap’s, The Jenerator) A Musical Instrument Donation Centre, a Coffee Distribution Centre and it may also house our own Glamping Pod Manufacturing Plant and more…